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Church is really about people not buildings. Church is bigger than what happens on a Sunday:  It's whenever followers of Jesus meet together.

Sunday worship with a large crowd of believers is uplifting, encouraging and essential to us as Christians, but it is possible to feel lonely and friendless amongst so many, especially if you are a newcomer.  So our life groups are, we believe, the backbone of the church and vital to its ongoing life and growth.

We would encourage everyone to get involved. Please contact the Church office if you are interested in joining a group.

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Life groups are about our relationship with God and with others. In a smaller group mutual trust and friendships develop more quickly and most people find it is less difficult to pray, share and use their gifts. Life Groups are not just another "meeting"! Of course the Bible is studied and serious problems of Christian living are addressed, but those who belong to a group will tell you that they have fun together, generally look after one another and feel strengthened by the love of those around them.

So what happens in our Life groups each week?

Group leaders try to include four elements into the gathering: 
                          Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness.

Welcome- an informal time of chat, getting to know each other better, sharing news over tea or coffee.

Worship- an opportunity in a busy week to focus on God, giving Jesus the central place through thanksgiving, praise and specific prayer.

Word- learning and being disciples together around the Bible through caring, unobtrusive leadership, which encourages participation and gifts of others.

Witness- thinking and praying for families, friends & neighbours in the expectation that eventually each group becomes a springboard for social action and
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