Digging Deep for the Movie Geek!

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We are unable to promote the film titles of some screenings due to licensing restrictions, to find out which films are being shown email us

What's it all about?
Do you love cinema trips or watching a film at home with friends, stuffing your face with pizza while discussing the film… then quoting the lines forever? Then
One Door Cinema Club
is for you!
Here at EBC we
re running a series of movie nights with a difference!
Do you love to not-only discuss or hear what others say about films but like to dig a little deeper, delve into the story or its meaning,
Easter egg hunts to find the clues to other stories, discuss soundtracks or find the directors influence from other films?
The One Door Cinema Club aims to do all of that and more!
re looking at film and theology, the influence and stories behind the stories in our culture. What does the film mean and why?
Film can influence and shape a generation. C.S. Lewis said “I can tell a thousand truths through one piece of fiction.” and about his version of Titanic, Hitler said “would be more powerful than a fleet of tanks.” Others claim the answers to life can be found in the Movies.
So, influence for good, propaganda for evil or the key to life’s deep questions? Join us on this cinematic journey… in the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Take your first step into a larger world!” 
How does an evening work?
We open the doors at 4pm for free entry, free drinks and free popcorn. We watch our chosen film and after a short bathroom break, we have the Pizza Talk. One of our team gives a talk about the film in the time it takes to cook a pizza, then we all dive into the free drink & pizza in the cafe and ‘geek out’ until about 8pm.
All are welcome but please be aware of the movie rating!