30 Minute Church

Blank 30 minute churchThirty Minute Church is a service incorporating praise, prayer and a talk, all within the time limit of half an hour. It is for those who are “just looking”; those who cannot sit for a prolonged period of time;  those who would like a quieter service (for whatever reason); those who cannot make the morning service and ultimately, for those who would just like to meet with God.

Because of its very nature, Thirty Minute Church has a more structured feel and is built around a theme such as “Jesus, the Good Shepherd”. The current theme is miracles.

The services start at 17:00 the planned services for the rest of 2022 are

June 26th Miracles Escape from Egypt (Red Sea)
July 24th Miracles Jesus heals the Gerasene demoniac
September 25th Miracles Jesus walks on water
October 23rd Miracles Manna in the desert
November 27th Miracles Jesus heals the man who was born blind


Emmanuel Baptist, 23/03/2020