zuGGlIl-meeting-clipartLifegroups are an important part of Emmanuel's ministry. There are roughly half a dozen lifegroups, meeting at a variety of times. Many of them currently meet in church so that people can spread as required.

Lifegroups provide a place of:
  • Welcome, relationship building, honesty and growing mutual trust
  • Worship, giving Christ the central place, through praise, thanksgiving, music, singing, Communion, etc
  • Lively, specific prayer
  • The Word, learning and being disciples together
  • Edification and sanctification, being ministered to and ministering to others
  • Social activity and family accountability
  • Caring, unobtrusive leadership, which encourages participation and the gifts of others
  • Witness, each group becoming a springboard for social action and evangelism

If you would like to attend a lifegroup please contact us.
Emmanuel Baptist, 23/03/2020